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Why do you think you would be a good Senior Rep and spokesmodel for Dazzle Portraits?
As a Dazzle Senior Rep, what would be your plan to spread the word?
How Many friends do you think you would refer?
Being a Dazzle Rep is fun, where you earn print credit based on the number of friends you refer to Dazzle Portraits. Those friends book and purchase a Senior Package. Remember they don't have to be from your school, anyone in southeast/ downriver MI.
Think about your own Senior session with Dazzle. The more creative the better! What would you love to do for your own session?
 Yes I understand and have read the information below. 
What is a Dazzle Senior Rep?

A Dazzle Senior Rep is an outgoing adventurous high school senior who loves to be photographed. He or she would need to be willing to hand out senior rep gift cards to their friends and classmates, and talk about all the great experiences they had during their photo session with Dazzle. The Senior Rep receives print credits as well as their friends for booking and purchasing a senior package with Dazzle Portraits (Senior Rep will receive model session).

Only one rep (one male one female) is chosen per high school.

If you are chosen to be a Dazzle Senior rep, you get a customer session at no charge. Each friend or classmate that you refer and that books/purchases a session through dazzle will gets 16 free wallet prints, while you will get a percentage off YOUR package up to a FREE senior package!!
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If I am chosen as a Dazzle Portraits Senior Rep. I understand and agree to the following: *
 I cannot model for or represent another photographer or photography studio (Year book exception map apply) 
 I have permission from my parents to participate in the Dazzle Portraits Senior Rep program (under 18 requires parent permission) 
 I certify that my answers are true to the best of my knowledge. Any false or misleading information disqualifies me from the program. 
 I understand I have to work for the print credits that I recieve from Dazzle Portraits. 
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