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Photographs and Portraits are a time stamp of your life. They are a precious memory that you can share or keep to yourself forever. Don't ever let that moment get away! This is why I do what I do. I'm here to help you capture that special memory. To help you cherish it forever. There is never an event in your life that is too small or too large, after all this is your memory to pass along from generation to generation.

About Me
I have been in photography for close to 20 years now. While still in High School I worked for a very reputable studio, learning the art and the ever so endearing work of bringing portraits to life for the customers. If there was one thing that needed to be done in a photography studio I did it. I had gotten to be very good at working as an assistant and was dying to get behind the camera. I took what I learned from my teachers there and went on to work for a nationally known photography company based out of St. Louis Missouri. From my first day to my last day I was behind a camera and loved it. In 1998 I started as seasonal help, by 2004 I was running my own studio, and then by 2006 running multiple studios at once. At the end of my career, 2011, I was training for a District Manager position. However, I still found myself having to follow other peoples guidelines and not able to put my own full creativeness into my photography from start to finish.

I recently left that company learning about photography and the business end of running very successful studios. What I have taken away from the experience is that the pictures that I take are not just pictures and the people I deal with are not just customers. The portraits that I take is artwork, that in most cases will forever be hung and displayed in my customers and their families homes. My customers are not just people that let me swipe a credit card from time to time. They are an extension of my family, and I am an extension of theirs.
My Life Complete

I want to have the opportunity to be a part of your family and get the invite to share in every aspect of your life, from the very beginning when you say vows together at your wedding, to when your expecting your first child and photographing the growth of the baby from when they are just born to when they graduate as a senior in high school. Everything in between and everything beyond, and maybe just maybe starting the cycle all over again.

Photography is my passion.......it's my life!